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On October 18, we went to visit Hemeiusi Industrial Park, a company with facilities based on the use and improvement of plastic for different products, focused on the elements of the car, be it the body itself or some accessories. After the visit to the factory, the director gave us a talk and responded to our questions about your company.

We asked for a future based on plastic, and he told us that we can leave without problems, but it is not so necessary, he also told us that the robots will replace us. Although, he also told us that plastic is more powerful than steel, that the statistics show a change of work at 3 years working, and then, he explained that we need to be prepared for the future because, for example, the answer of today can be different for tomorrow and you have to get a good qualification when you are younger because, with the new technology, a Mexican can get your job.

That same morning we visited a planetarium. In the afternoon, we made the assigned projects of the trip and spent time with the other participants of the trip. This is how it concluded on October 18, 2019 and, hopefully, will be repeated.

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