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Today we’ve been in different entrepreneurial places of Bacau learning about their entrepreneurs. First we went to Dulcinea´s Cake Shop, that prepares cakes for special events in the city. She started getting interested in cakes since she was young, as it was the family work. In the beginning they weren’t as famous as now, and they started little by little until they have become what they are now. Despite they give us some pastry to taste, some of us bought some cookies there, and I can assure that they were delicious!

After we went to Oblio Kindergarten, where the psychologist of the center, showed us the establishment and let us work there. Oblio is a private kindergarten where they teach thing to the kids by playing. In the last floor or it we had a entrepreneurship class where an entrepreneur called Sonia Berza, challenged us to do a project in 20 minutes. We had to create a toy with simple materials she gave us and after explain the to our mates.

In the end a big bout a team made won. In the afternoon we had lunch at a restaurant called Piazetta and after we went to a Rooftop café before we had free time. At the end of the day we got dinner in the hotel all together, it was awesome!

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