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Day three, we woke up very early (at 6 approximately) and we went to the bus. We were going to the Bran Castle, with was 180 km away, so we sat down in the bus and we started the adventure. We were driving 4 hours, more or less, but obviously we did stops in some fuel stations to stretch our body during the bus ride.

When we finally arrived, we went first to the Rasnov Castle, which was near to the Dracula Ì s one, and we visited it. It was very beautiful and inside it were a lot of souvenirs stores, and obviously we bought some gifts to our family, friends… The next stop was the one we were looking forward to most. We finally visited the Dracula Ì s Castle (called also Bran castle). We were very nervous to see such a mythic monument like that, an idyllic place. When we entered, we were stunned by the beauty of the castle. It was like a fairy tale ! They told us that the character Dracula, was inspired by the prince Vlad III the impaler, that was a real mad prince that liked to impale his victims.

When we finished the visit to the castle, we were going to go to the Dinopark, but some people preferred staying in the bar drinking some coke, so we divided into two groups. One went to the Dinopark and the other one went to the bar. We lunched at the restaurant under the fortress Sergiana. We had soup (that was delicious), hamburger and also lemonade. And to conclude the menu, we ate such amazing crepes. Finally, we went into the bus again to return to Bacau and when we arrived, we dinner something at the hotel and we went to sleep… We were exhausted!

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