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We are so close and we couldn’t be more excited! After devoting so much time to our project and now preparing the last details for our first trip with students, it’s time to meet up with parents and tell them what’s ahead. 

We had our meeting the 17th of January. In this meeting we talked about many different aspects of the project. We first started talking about the heart and why behind this project “changing lives, opening minds”. We highlighted this idea as we want parents to know what this project it’s all about. We asked them to journey with us as their children experience a new culture. Later on, we spent some time talking about the details for the first trip. We shared information about how are we going to get there; flight and accommodation details as well as some of the plans for the week.

This meeting ended with a Q&A time. We spent some time answering some of the parents’ questions. The turnout was very high and the feedback was very positive. Parents are willing to collaborate in any way possible and they shared their excitement with us! So, Macedonia let’s go!

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