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On Friday the 29th march we visited the tag factory BSP Flexo in Kavadarci. This company is founded by 2 persons, one of them is Mr. Goran Tanev. Mr. Goran Tanev after 15 years of work in another printing factory decided to launch his own factory, leaded by his gained experience and the huge motivation for success as entrepreneur. Mr. Goran Tanev is a family person, who has a wife and two daughters.

Mr. Goran Tanev opened his company with the motivation to develop himself professionally. Like almost every entrepreneur, he wanted to implement all the experience and every idea of his covered with a lot of courage for succeeding. After many years, his motivation is leading him and his partner towards improvement, not only personal and professional, but also toward improvement of the society, since their company is socially responsible.

During the visit Mr. Tanev said that many challenges and obstacles may happen during the time, but all of them can lead toward success if the leaders know how to deal with them. In opposite, the company will fail.

To Mr. Tanev, the development of the technical equipment offers development of the process of production of his products and assists the work of the employees. So in the same time with the success of the company, they try to implement new techniques for printing in their production.

This tag factory is a green factory, caring about the nature and the environment. Also, this company uses materials for production which are safe for the nature and planet. For example, for choosing the paper for the products, they use paper from Spain, which means that they carefully choose their materials according regulations for healthy environment.

Visiting this factory, we had the chance to meet one successful entrepreneur, Mr. Tanev who thought us to be active in the field of entrepreneurship, to follow our motivation for success, to work a lot in order to become professionals etc. We are very grateful to Mr. Tanev who gave us this opportunity to see how a printing factory looks like and how the idea of launching a printing company can change someone’s life making him an entrepreneur. We left the tag factory satisfied and filled with knowledge.

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