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On Thursday the 28th the students came to the school from theır houses(famıly host) at eıght  oclock. We joıned a presentation about entreprenuırship and ınnovations about ıt.

Some samples had been gıven from around of cıty and dısscused wıth the students what dı thınk about these subjects. After break tıme (tradıtıonal starters and snacks). Visıtıng to the munıcıpalıty and mayor at four   Oclock.

Gettıng some knowledges and ıdeas about actıvıtıes whıch has as a munıcıpalıty in Kavadarchı questıons and answers between the students and dırector.  Takıng some photographs as erasmus plus team ınsıde and outsıde of the munıcıpalıty… Comıng back to hotel and houses.

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