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On Wednesday the 27 th Study visit of Skopje, Capital of Macedonia. At 8 o’clock in the morning we headed to our study visit in Skopje, the Capital of Macedonia.

We were all so happy to spend another day of visiting the culture of Macedonia. Our first stop was the study visit of Canyon Matka, where all of us enjoyed in the beauty of the nature. In this place we enjoy the view of Treska river and the beautiful lake Matka which contains one of the most clean water in the rivers and lakes in Macedonia. We had also the opportunity to take a trip with boat and see around the area. It was unique experience to share the same feelings, all mixed with excitement and light fear, which some of us had. In addition we saw that in this place, using the natural position of the river and lake, people often enjoy kayaking during the warmer periods of the year.

Another interesting fact we noticed there while we were spending our time, was the position of the canyon, the sharp cut of the mountain, which is suitable for alpine climbing. There we noticed some equipment for alpine climbing, too, that indicates that many people go there and enjoy during doing their activities. During our visit to canyon Matka, we saw Orthodox Church which indicates the historical and cultural importance of this place.

After spending two hours there and filling ourselves with good energy, we headed to the Center of the city of Skopje. There we had a walk at the main square of Skopje, Ploshtad Makedonia, where we saw many interesting buildings, sculptures and architecture. Here we met with the culture of the people who live there, we saw many cultures, many religions, many ethnic groups, all mixed in one culture, in a place where everybody accepts the differences, the culture and religion of the others.

From what we saw there, we can be sure that it is a place, city, country where you can see a good model of mixed culture, with open-minded, tolerant citizens, who are willing to live together accepting the mutual differences. While spending our time there, we walked near the river Vardar, the biggest river in Macedonia. We saw there the Stone Bridge, over the river Vardar, which is historical site built from the XV century. From the other side of the main square Makedonia, over the river Vardar, we saw the new buildings of the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, and Museum of Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia, The National House of Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

After the study visit of Skopje city center, we headed to the biggest mall in Skopje to spend our last hours in Skopje, having lunch there and rest before leaving Skopje. At about 7 p.m. we left Skopje with good memories, filled with one more experience of the culture of Macedonia.

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