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On Tuesday the 26 th in the morning we started the school activities. We woke up early in the morning and a small bus came to pick up the teachers and the Spanish students from Moklishte hotel.

When we arrived in the school of Vatasha, the rest of the students who were staying in the families (the Bulgarian, the Turkish and the Romanian students) together with the Macedonian students had already had some classes in the school like chemistry and Macedonian language. The students said they enjoyed the classes very much and would like to visit more lessons.

Then the project activities started. First the students were invited in one of the primary teachers’ classes who played with them different games related to the project. They started with physical activities just to break the ice, then each student had to tell his name and hobby in English imitating different movement and the rest of the group had to repeat the same movement. We had group activities until lunch, then we tasted some traditional food.

In the afternoon we continued with the activities. The students had drawing lessons and then some workshop activities with the psychologist of the school of Vatasha. One of the game performed by the psychologist was related to the project and its topic. The students had to write about different jobs split in groups and explained different jobs’ duties. Then they had a game called “The wind blows….”, in which they broke the ice among themselves and which they enjoyed very much.

In the evening and in the late afternoon, we had free time and we enjoyed the city of Kavadarci and its people. We acknowledged ourselves with the town and its surroundings. The day was wonderful full with activities and workshop exercises relate to the project and the students themselves.

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