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On Sunday the 24th, the first day we spent in Macedonia within the Erasmus project Boosting entrepreneurial skills, we visited Ohrid. We started with a short walk around the lake. The landscape was wonderful.

The first tourist destination was a prehistoric settlement on water. This settlement was an interesting museum, different from what we had seen before. After that, we visited a church that had a strange legend: if there was complete silence inside, you could hear the beating of a heart.

When we were at the lake, we could admire the beautiful houses from the top of the hills, like in a typical mediterranean city.

After that we went to the City Center, where we were impressed by the clean and narrow streets, the beautiful churches and the old houses with a simple architecture. There were also many souvenir shops, so we did what we like best: shopping. The sellers were very kind and hospitable with us.

After a few hours’ walk, it was time to go, so we went to the meeting point where everybody was supposed to be at 5.30. There we waited for the other students and the bus to come. It was a pretty long way back home but we had fun because our teachers asked every team to sing their favourite song at the microphone. The Romanian team was the last one but only the girls wanted to sing because the boys thought they had no ear for music.

When we arrived, all of us said goodbye to the teachers and went back home with our host students where we had a big meal because we were starving.

The trip to Ohrid was great… we loved it! We are really grateful for this extraordinary opportunity and we are looking forward to the next experience!

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