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Erasmus Plus Multircultural was held on 18-22 of February and its aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of language learning and language diversity. In a multicultural world as we live in, language learning is an essential skill which students should be challenged with in order to be prepared to facing opportunities.

Social, personal, cultural and entrepreneurial skills are a necessity nowadays and this project was directed at those children who will one day make use of the learning.

Daily events were held in order to view the language perspective from different aims. During this week, school focused on the countries which form our Eramus+ project (Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Macedonia). The students which will be participating in the trips to those countries were those responsible of explaining and presenting information about those places and cultures.

Special stands were placed at the entrance of the school in order for students to visit and learn more about the countries. During the week, different groups visited these stands and enjoyed the presentations.

On Monday the 18th, the day was dedicated to Turkey. Different activities were organized throughout the day. An opening ceremony took place and some students presented the weekly organization to the rest of the school. Students also explained what the Erasmus+ programme is about and what will happen in future months

Tuesday will be a day entirely about Romania, learning about the country, language and customs. The students had to draw Dracula for the Dracula drawing contest. The best drawings of each grade won a prize.

On Wednesday a very important entrepreneur visited the school, professor Gloria Álvarez from the University of Seville. Head of the ETC association dedicated to helping children that have suffered a tumor to overpass the trauma. She presented our students a true example of an entrepreneur.

We finished the week by dedicating Friday to Macedonia. Students as in other days, visited the Macedonian museum and learnt about the country.

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