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In the morning and after breakfast, project partners met at the Turkish school. Once there, project teachers had a study session with a Turkish entrepreneur.

In this session we talked about entrepreneurial skills, highlighting the importance of applying certain skills in entrepreneurial and business education and giving examples at the same time of successful business people.

After this, we attended a presentation of the eTwinning platform, headed by a teacher from Macedonia. During this session, it was presented the way, purposes, aims and effects of using this platform during the implementation of this project. With this session, it was established the start of the eTwinning project “Boosting entrepreneurial skills” in which all of the project partners, i.e. teachers, students, parents and other participants of it, will take active participation.

Later on, we had a coordinators’ meeting in order to plan, organize and coordinate the future steps, acts and events in the implementation of the project till the next meeting in Macedonia in March, 2019. Also project coordinators determined which ICT tools and Social Media will be used in the following period. In addition, coordinators split the tasks of the project and they also planned to attend students’ skype class/online meeting where students could get to know each other before the end of this year 2018. At the same time they set event “Christmas/New Year’s Eve Cards”, where students will creatively and actively prepare cards for their friends in this project and send them by post.

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