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The third day was a great day! What a warm welcome we received when we arrived in the school! From teachers to students, waiting for us in the school entrance with flags, tasty food and traditional costumes.

We got to meet some of the students, teachers, school facilities, etc. -it was so special! After exploring around the school and getting to know the headmaster, the entire Erasmus + team met and spent some time getting to know and hear from each other countries. Each team led a short presentation about our schools/education system/team, etc.

After learning more about the different countries, we had a lovely lunch the Turkish team had prepared for us. Later on, we went to visit four different local centers in the Kadiköy. We first visited a non-profit organization that helps people with Alzheimer, a Kindergarten school, a creative center and an NGO that fights for human rights. It was such a unique experience to get to know how all these different organizations are helping people in the Kadiköy area.

The day ended with a lovely dinner in a restaurant called Kalkedon where the entire team tried out some great local food: lentil soup, meatballs… and roasted quince and butternut squash for dessert!

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