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Day 2 was a getting-to-know-better kind of day! Since it was Sunday, we spent the day exploring some different areas of Istanbul. The first stop was a fabulous lunch!

During this great lunch we had some time to meet and get to know better all the different members of the teams. We heard about their countries, cultures, festivities, school, families, etc.
After lunch, we went on a tour cruise through the Bosphorus river. We learned about the Turkish culture, food, festivities, etc. There the vice-principal with some more Turkish teachers were waiting for us and they took us on a boat trip of Istanbul.

We visited different cultural museums and historical places as we familiarized with the city of Istanbul. Our first insight was that the city was huge, cosmopolitan and very friendly. Our hosts represented the spirit of the city as well. They were so warm and wishful to help us and show us the main architectural sightseeing of the city. We saw Dolmabahche palace, the Anatoloan fortress and many other historical sites.

In the evening we had dinner at the hotel restaurant where we discussed some important issues related to the project development.

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